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Hello! I'm a Designer who's passionate about crafting visually stunning and user-friendly interfaces.

My wide range of skills enables me to think creatively outside the box, develop unique concepts, and design projects that are not only  functional but also beautiful.

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  • UI design
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  • responsive
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  • Prototyping
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  • Motion design
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  • Design system
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  • Html
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  • CSS
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Latest Work
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Meetz App

  • UI Design
  • interaction
  • Figma
  • App Design
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UI Banking Designs

  • UI Design
  • XD
  • responsive
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Meetz App

Designing this app was a fun adventure. The goal was to create a meet up app where users could make meaningful new connections based on different data points. By using new brand guidelines, I was able to create a simple yet modern UI base project requirement.

Meetz landing page on the left and  "meet by location" screen on the right both on mobile devices
3 mobile screens with pages , "meet by hobbies", "meet by location", "meet by profession"

The process

Generally, I prefer to map out the interactions, as you can see below. This approach enables me to quickly refine the flow before diving into creating UI visuals in Figma. Another advantage of this format is that it facilitates flexible cooperation meetings

After finalizing the UI designs, I proceeded to animate the user interactions using After Effects. This approach provides the development teams with a precise reference during the project's production phase, significantly reducing the need for back-and-forth communication and revisions.

Meetz sketches
Animation of Meetz interaction

The flow

Once users complete their initial profile, their journey unfolds as they step into their dashboard. Here, they can smoothly navigate through Meets events and catch up on highlights posted by fellow members. It's like their own personalized space for connection and discovery!

3 UI designs on mobile device

The design system

Meetz design system

UI Banking

This was a project where I definitely had to navigate many moving part but I learned a lot; I collaborated with some awesome folks!


I was task to enhance the UI Design within the authenticated environment for the home, transactions, statements pages and new features such the pre-autorized debit form.


Throughout this specific project, I had the opportunity to collaborate closely with the UX Designer from the very start of our brainstorming sessions. Together, we identified multiple areas that required improvement and came up with innovative ideas for new features. Additionally, I conducted a comprehensive analysis of our main competitors in the market and examined current trends within the banking sector.

UI banking on tablet device

The challenges

The requirements from the business, legal, and development teams were definitely a challenge, as some of the goals interfered with each other. However, understanding the underling motivation of each team helped tremendously in challenging them to ultimately creating the best user-centric interface.

Banking UI page in tablet device

The Competitors

Shown below are some of the competitors we looked at.

Download statements

I was tasked with improving the flow and interface for downloading statements. We consulted with the production team to make sure there were no conflicting components.

Take aways

I personalized the form options to adapt seamlessly to the data at hand, adjusting based on what users chose. This resulted when the spreadsheet option was made exclusive to the current year while the PDF option remained accessible for previous years.

It's all about making things convenient for the user!

Statements UI on tablets

Mobile screens

I also made sure all designs were optimized for tablet and mobile devices.

UI Banking page on mobile device
UI Banking page on mobile device